Traditional Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha Yoga with Ruth Curtis

In Hatha Yoga (umbrella term for all physical forms of yoga) it is believed to find space and quiet in the mind we must first use the physical body. This is the primary step in the process of yoga where we begin to break down physical, mental and emotional patterns before a more harmonised internal way of being begins to become accessible.

Using specific postures and movements we build strength in the legs from the feet up, the breath and internal flow of the life force can then begin to release tensions, moving up from the feet towards the waist and spine, freeing the peripheral body.

In today’s world much of our stiffness and tension is held in the shoulders and hips due to so much time spent sitting at a desk, over a computer and the general modern lifestyle. By accessing the power of the legs through yoga postures/stances tension and obstructions can begin to release.

In Hatha Yoga conscious placement of the body begins to access the internal energetic system resulting in more space in the body, mind and a freer flow of breath. When the breath is calm the mind is calm.

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