Orlaith Ruane

Orlaith Ruane – Teacher Profile

Orlaith Ruane  B.Ed(Hons), Reiki Master, Theta Healing™ Practitioner, Rahanni Healing Practitioner, Founder “Creating Quiet Time Within” schools programme, Meditation Facilitator.

Orlaith has always had an interest in spirituality, and began exploring and training in this area over 15 years ago.  Her natural interest and innate wish to facilitate healing and to help others has now grown into a holistic healing and educational practice. In 2007, Orlaith founded her own healing centre – the Beannacht Healing Centre, Cranagh.

 Her motivation is to provide a safe, professional, non-judgemental, empathetic space for healing and learning.  Orlaith’s goal is to share the journey of the people she works with, and facilitate them in finding their inner peace and wisdom.  When this innate ability is accessed, life can be lived with a deep sense of well-being, trust, ease and happiness.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal energy; it is a healing energy.  When the Reiki practitioner channels this life energy through his\her hands to the recipient, it activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  A calming effect on the mind, slow- down in breathing, a feeling of well-being and a better sense of perspective are also closely associated with Reiki.  Regular Reiki treatment generally leads to increased vitality and a sense of inner peace.

Orlaith gained her first qualification in Reiki healing in 2003.  Continually deepening her knowledge of this energy and herself, she participated in many more layers of training and achieved Reiki Master level in 2008. She consistently works with the Reiki energy and now assists in training with her own Reiki Master teacher.

Theta Healing™ is an ancient healing technique whose foundational principle is the Law of Attraction.  This law states that ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’.  Life does not merely ‘happen’ to us, but rather at some level, our thinking is creating and drawing to us that which we predominantly think and feel.  Our thinking, over time, crystallises into set Beliefs.  Limiting Beliefs we formed in childhood about ourselves, others, life and the world, may still be creating, forming and shaping our lives.  In Theta Healing there is an opportunity to discover and heal some of these limiting Beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind.

Orlaith completed the Basic Theta Healing course in 2012, undertaking additional training in Advanced Theta Healing and The Game of Life. She studied the extensive Intuitive Anatomy course in 2016.

Rahanni is a very high frequency energy that is used as a healing modality.  Rahanni opens the heart to ones natural essence of truth, love and compassion. It brings balance to the masculine and feminine energies, and to all the body systems.  Rahanni heals the conscious, subconscious and higher conscious minds, and the mental, emotional physical and spiritual bodies.

Orlaith undertook training in Rahanni healing in 2016.  

In 2014, Orlaith developed, promoted and delivered a programme for students in both primary and secondary schools called “Creating Quiet Time Anywhere”, as a response to an awareness of increased stress levels amongst young people at school.  This programme creates reflective time, and teaches students techniques to bring their attention inwards in order to nurture stillness within.  With the knowledge of how to find this peace, thestudents have a greater capacity to let go of stress and experience increased inner calm and well-being. Orlaith currently offers this programme in local Wicklow schools.

Throughout this journey, integrating all she was learning, Orlaith began to deepen into the truth of her own being and to experience a greater sense of freedom and fun in her life. Meditation gave Orlaith access to the quiet within.  She believes that once we find stillness within ourselves we can experience deep wisdom and peace at a soul level, which allows our daily life to flow with ease and happiness. Orlaith has facilitated Meditation classes for children, teens and adults, and currently teaches weekly classes in the Beannacht Healing Centre.

Orlaith commenced yoga classes under the guidance of Liz Richards  in 2015 and is delighted to be part of the professional, caring and supportive team at The Ananta Yoga Studios in Wicklow Town.


Classes with Orlaith at The Ananta Yoga Studios


Contact: Orlaith Ruane. Tel (086) 8110712