Yasmina Lenahan

Yasmina Lenahan – Teacher Profile

Yasmina Lenahan is a qualified Massage therapist, certified in Anatomy and Physiology, Swedish Massage, Organic Facial. She also teaches Baby massage (C.I.M.I). Whilst working in the corporate world, Complementary therapies helped her deal with work related stress. 

Her interest shifted from the corporate work to Massage Therapy and Yasmina went on to set up as a practitioner in 2004. She has never looked back and believes that a balanced lifestyle can be achieved by taking a little time to look after ourselves in a holistic manner.

After training as a Massage therapist Yasmina went on to study with ‘The International Association of Infant Massage’ in 2006. She was inspired by the depth of the special bonding relationship that baby massage offers and the importance of ‘positive loving touch’ research in the early years of childhood. Yasmina has been teaching baby massage for over 10 years and truly loves her work.

She is a mother of two children, and cherishes the time she had with them during Baby Massage. It really offers women – often hard to find – time out to be completely in the moment with their babies. 

Yasmina has also worked as Executive Regional Officer for the ‘Irish Massage Therapist Association’ and for ‘Baby Massage Ireland’.


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