An Introduction to Transcendental Meditation with Dr Donn Brennan – Sunday 22nd November 2015 –

We are delighted to welcome Dr Donn Brennan of The Maharishi Ayurveda and TM Centre back to The Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow on Sunday 22nd November 2015.



Following on from his extremely well received talk on the science and practice of Ayurveda last year, Dr Donn Brennan is back as promised to give an introductory talk on the practice of Transcendental Meditation.



“True meditation is easy. Anyone can learn it, it’s enjoyable, natural and very effective. Most people think that meditation involves some kind of mind control, forcing the mind to be quiet through some kind of concentration – on the breath, a sound, or “being in the now”. Concentration goes against the nature of the mind and is hardly enjoyable. Transcendental meditation, however, is extremely easy and pleasant. The benefits of Transcendental Meditation is confirmed by 600 scientific research studies, 6 million people practicing TM worldwide and 40,000 in Ireland. It only requires the right technique and proper training” – (Dr Donn Brennan).


Date – Sunday 22nd November

Time – 11.00am – 12.30pm

Cost – This talk is FREE of charge but limited spaces so BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

Bookings to Liz Richards – 086 8963425

We hope you can join us! There are a limited number of chairs, bolsters & blankets to sit on in the studio so please feel welcome to bring your own fold up chair, bolster or cushion!