Chair Yoga – New to The Ananta Yoga Studios! – What do you think?

Chair Yoga – New to The Ananta Yoga Studios!

We are hoping to start a Chair Yoga / Seated Yoga class at The Ananta Yoga Studios and would like to hear from anyone who would like to attend this class.   If not for you, perhaps you’re thinking of a friend or family member who might be interested in attending – please spread the word!

If you can breathe – you can practice yoga! Yoga is not necessarily about the physical ability to perform all the yoga asanas (postures) perfectly or how they appear in books or photographs on social media.  There is a huge difference between “doing yoga” and being in a state of yoga (unity).  Positive steps towards integrating the mind, body and breath into one harmonious experience can be achieved through practicing the tools of Hatha Yoga using modifications, variations and props to overcome the limitations of the physical body.

Chair Yoga is suitable for those who may find our regular yoga classes too strenuous – those who may be completely new to yoga, recovering from injury or illness or generally less active and mobile. It is also – of course suitable for all yoga students who simply would like to try this method of practice.  Our studio is up one flight of stairs, so the ability to ascend these stairs is important.  The class takes students through centring and breath-work, followed by postures that let the joints move through their range of movement whilst seated or through use of the chair whilst standing.  These postures will provide gentle stretching, improved strength and flexibility, as well as helping students to find balance and calm in every day life.

Louise Curran, who teaches Vinyasa Yoga classes and Kids/Teens Yoga classes here at Ananta, has been learning from two highly experienced Irish Yoga Association teachers working with seated postures.

Possible class times would be:

Tuesday morning / Friday morning

Wednesday lunch time / Friday lunch time

Introductory Offer of €10 per class.  Class is 1 hour 15 mins.

Please contact Louise on 087 603 2202 or (or via ananta email address to let her know what days/times would suit. Many thanks!