Contact Liz Richards Mob: 086 8963425 or Email: – if having read the following protocol you have any questions or concerns in relation to the following information.

Please contact your own instructor if you feel you should not attend your weekly class when the time comes or at any stage in the days prior to your class. Please contact us with as much notice as possible.


1: If you have been unwell in the days PRIOR to your class or ON THE DAY itself with one or more of the following symptoms – Sore throat, Loss of taste/smell, New and persistent cough, Nausea, Vomiting / Diarrhoea, Abdominal Cramps, Unusual shortness of breath, Headache, General flu like aches & pains, Temperature (higher than 37.5 degrees celsius, please let us know by phone/email, contact your GP and stay at home. If you develop any of the aforementioned symptoms FOLLOWING your class – please contact us immediately to let us know so we can take appropriate precautions and advise others who you may have been in contact with during your last class with us.

2: If you have recently travelled overseas and have not completed the recommended full two-week quarantine period upon your return – please do not attend for your class until you have done so – regardless of whether you are symptom free and well. Please contact us by phone/email at least one week before your class to cancel in these circumstances.

3: If you are aware that you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19, suspects they may have it or are awaiting a test – or anyone who they themselves may have been in contact with a known Covid-19 case within the two weeks leading up to your class – please let us know by phone/email prior to your class and we will reschedule. Payments and Cancellation Policy – Payments for all classes are now contactless for health and safety reasons and payable in advance of the start of each term. Cash payments in class are not an acceptable form of payment at this time. Once a block of In-Studio or Zoom classes has commenced – no refunds for prepaid classes will be given. You will have the option of making up missed classes with your instructor on Zoom or in another in-studio weekly class run by your instructor if a space is available and by arrangement.

4: Please check with your instructor prior to booking if they are offering Zoom classes should you miss a class. Payments can be made via REVOLUT, PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER. Please confirm with your instructor which methods of payment they are offering. Details of payment methods will be given by your instructor at time of booking. In the event that we need to leave the studios for a time – your classes will immediately be switched to Zoom for the remainder of the block or until it is deemed safe to return to the studios. Refunds will not be given should this scenario arise and classes cannot be carried forward to the next term of in-studio classes. All students will be given the option of taking their prepaid classes on Zoom if they decide they no longer wish to attend in-studio classes at any stage during a term of prepaid classes.

5: You will be required to sign a Covid-19 questionnaire and consent / declaration form BEFORE your first class of the new term. Students will not be permitted to join a class for the term without completing this form. You will be asked to update us immediately should any of the answers to questions on this form change from week to week during your term of classes.

6: Please ensure that you bring your own mat and any necessary props. We regret we will not be able to supply these for now for health and safety reasons. Please bring the bare essentials to class – i.e. keys, phone, water bottle and a warm top (if possible please do not bring mobile phones into the studios). Water bottles which are left in the studios will be disposed of immediately as they pose a health hazard if left lying around – so please don’t leave them behind!

7: Please arrive to class no more than 10 mins before your class start time. Latecomers will not be permitted to join the class and the front/back door will be locked when class is about to commence. Your instructor will inform you prior to your class which door you will be using to enter the building. Please observe two metres physical distancing at all times while waiting to enter the studios. The building has been divided into zones to ensure that no two classes will mix. Your instructor will explain how this works.

8: Shoes MUST be removed and left in designated shoe areas before entering the studios. At no time can shoes be worn to move around the building. Socks (with grip soles if possible) must be worn at all times while moving around the building and can only be removed while on your mat.

9: We are operating a “MASK TO MAT” policy. A face mask/covering must be worn upon entering the building and until you are on your mat. Masks may be removed once on your mat if you choose and while participating in the class. A mask must be worn again when leaving your mat and making your way out of the building and if using toilet facilities before, during or after your class. Please bring your own fresh face mask. Hand sanitiser is available in several locations around the building and in all of the bathrooms. Please sanitise your hands upon entering the building, after using toilet facilities (please use sanitiser in the bathroom before leaving the bathroom area) and lastly as you leave the building. Windows will be open to ensure good ventilation. Please wear extra clothing as the weather changes.

10: Upon entering the studio space, your instructor will lead you to your mat. Please enter the studio space one at a time and do not touch door handles. Mat spaces in the studios will be marked out on the floor with two metres between each student. Personal belongings can be placed on a shelf. Shelves will be thoroughly wiped down and disinfected between classes as will door handles and frequently touched surfaces. Studios will be aired and surfaces cleaned between each class. It will not be possible to wash floors and have them dry in between back to back classes. Floors will be washed each day. Please do not step on your classmate’s mats at any time.

11: Your instructor will be wearing a visor while checking students in, for the duration of the class and as you leave. Your instructor may run contactless forehead thermometer temperature checks upon arrival. Your instructor will remain on his/her mat two metres from the nearest student for the duration of the class. There will be no hands-on adjustments in class at this time. Students will leave class one at a time to avoid congestion in the porch/shoe areas.

12: Each class will have a designated toilet to use. Toilets will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between classes. We have installed paper towel dispensers for drying of hands. Please dispose of these, nose tissues and any sanitary waste in the pedal bins provided – please do not flush these down the toilet.

13: We will be keeping a close eye on day to day events, national & local community statistics and the health of all members of our yoga community within the studios, relating to Covid-19. If it becomes apparent that we may need to vacate the studios for a time if conditions are not favourable or safe to continue our in-studio classes, we will make that call without delay and we will move onto Zoom for a while. Your health and wellbeing are at the top of the list of priorities if you are choosing to come to classes in the studio. The only way to navigate these turbulent times is to be ready to accept change at any point with a fluid and non-attached mind – and to keep going whatever way we can even if it cannot be in the studios periodically.

14: Finally, and most importantly – come and enjoy your class time with us in our studios which we aim to keep as a tranquil oasis for all. Once we settle in and get used to the necessary new rules and regulations, things will run smoothly and peacefully. Unwind, relax and give yourself some well-deserved down time away from the worries of the past few months and those for the months ahead. We are taking all the above measures only for yours and our safety and because we are obliged to under current regulations and most importantly. You can be fully confident that all guidelines are being strictly adhered to and that hygiene will be our top priority going forwards. We have been living through extraordinary and stressful times and we are so thrilled to welcome you back and to finally get Ananta Yoga & Ayurveda up and running again slowly! We have missed you.

Thank you for your ongoing support. With best wishes for your future health and happiness.
Liz Richards
Ananta Yoga & Ayurveda