Restorative Yoga Classes Wicklow

Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative yoga is a suitable for everyone.  It can compliment an existing & more physical practice of yoga by helping to find the balance between having the ability to both work hard and to let go.   It is particularly beneficial however – for those who need to slow down and take time out from an otherwise busy and stressful day without placing further demands on the body from a physical perspective further depleting the body of energy.  It is especially useful for those suffering from symptoms of anxiety, stress or fatigue, and those recovering from illness or surgery who may be finding it hard to get back to “normal”.

The effects of restorative yoga – while physically not as demanding as a regular yoga practice  – are profound on every level. It works to restore and replenish lost vitality and well being on a physical, mental and emotional level, creating a safe and welcome space to let go.  It restores and renews by releasing tension from the body that may have been held for a long time through the practice of yoga postures,  while paying close attention to the breath – in particular the exhalation – which allows the body to relax more deeply into the supported postures so that the mind can let go.

Restorative Yoga involves the use of lots of props – including bolsters, blankets,belts & blocks to help support the body in different poses so the body does not need to struggle or work so hard to maintain these positions.  This restorative practice is healing for both the mind and body,  boosts the immune system and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn supports the endocrine system, reproductive system and circulatory system promoting health throughout the entire body.

Join us for this deeply relaxing approach to the practice in our regular weekend Restorative Yoga Workshops which will revitalise and restore energy levels and set you up for the rest of the week!

Please note – This class is not recommended for pregnancy as some of the postures are held for quite a long time which may not be comfortable or appropriate for different stages of pregnancy.  Please contact Liz Richards for information re specialised pregnancy yoga classes.

Always consult your GP prior to commencement of this class if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or health concerns.

Contact Liz Richards – 086 8963425 for further information re upcoming Restorative Workshops and Classes.

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