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One To One Yoga Classes with Liz Richards

Liz Richards works closely with many students who are recovering from illness and injury in a private class setting.

One to one yoga classes are becoming more and more popular as a form of therapy to help restore balance to the mind and body following accident, illness, injury and traumatic life-changing events.

Traditionally in the East, yoga would be carefully prescribed to each individual student based on their physical and mental health and their needs at that particular time. When those needs or conditions changed – so too would their practice accordingly.

Here in the West where the pace of life is more hectic, yoga is taught in large class settings where every student pretty much follows the same practice or sequence. This of course is not ideal as no two bodies are the same and every student has individual needs specific to their own health and personal circumstances.

In a private class setting the teacher can tailor the practice to meet the specific needs of the student at that time so that the maximum benefits can be experienced.

Anyone can take one to one yoga classes. Many students take one or two before joining a public class just to gain a little confidence and get their bodies moving more freely. Also a great way to ease back into a regular yoga practice following a break.

Any students wishing to take private classes who are recovering from accident, illness or injury are always advised to consult with their GP first and may be asked to complete a medical questionnaire.

Contact Liz Richards (086) 8963425 for further details or to arrange a private yoga class.  Liz is happy to travel to your home by arrangement if you are physically unable to come to the studio

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Contact Liz Richards on  (086) 8963425

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