Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners/Level 1

A gently paced class in which the focus is very much on building a safe and strong practice using the Hatha Yoga principles of alignment and correct use of the breath.

The body is always prepared for the practice first through targeted and general warm up sequences which open the three platforms or stabilizing junctions of the body. Postures (asanas) are taught through a step by step approach (vinyasa krama) using props when appropriate.

Modifications and variations of poses are explored so that each student learns to build physical strength, mental clarity and inner stillness in a safe and non- competitive class environment.

Suitable for students of all ages and fitness levels with little or no yoga experience, Improvers who have completed an Introduction to Yoga for Beginners workshop/course or those who are returning to yoga after a break, recovering from illness or injury (consult your GP first) and post-natal Mums (must have had six week check following normal delivery or 12 week check following Caesarean Section).

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