Back care Yoga Classes Wicklow

Back Care Yoga Classes

These classes are for anyone who experiences back issues or for maintaining a healthy back as part of other Yoga classes & activities.

No previous experience of Yoga is necessary. Yoga students from novice to long-term practitioners are welcome to attend. The class takes students through Yoga practices of body and breath awareness whilst linking appropriate movement to the breath. The practices and techniques are designed to manage pain and promote a healthier Upper Back (as well as Neck and Shoulders) and/or Lower Back (as well as Sacrum and Hips).

The aim is to strengthen weak muscles, release chronic contractions, stabilise joints, increase mobility and flexibility, and bring integrity to the structure. The practice will bring awareness to dysfunctional movement patterns and establish new patterns. Yoga therapy movements integrate the whole body whilst focusing on the problem areas.

These practices will be beneficial to you if you are experiencing back pain or if you wish to strengthen these areas to avoid future problems. Most of the practices are done lying down (supine and prone), on hands and knees, or seated; there is some standing work for Upper Back. The sequences, with continued practice at home, can become part of a routine to improve and maintain a healthy body.

Practising yoga students can use these sequences & techniques to complement their usual studio or home practice to avoid recurring issues if necessary. This class can complement other activities but you don’t need to be taking other activities to attend. It will be beneficial if you are thinking of starting an activity after a period of no-activity.

Please note, these classes are of a general nature for back issues as well as maintenance and protection. Each individual’s circumstances will be carefully considered to ensure only appropriate movements are used.

Please consult your Health Professional (e.g. Doctor, Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor) to confirm these classes are appropriate for your condition.

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