Dear Liz,

Your teaching is a gift. And last night was truly special.  The music, your authority in such a loving and knowledgeable manner.  I bless you and your family this Christmas and in the year to come.

Xx Mattanja
(Restorative Yoga Workshop Dec 2018)

Something changed for me in my yoga practice when I began attending Vinyasa Yoga classes with Liz Richards at The Ananta Yoga Studios.  Although the classes I had been attending elsewhere previously were pleasant and provided me with a good workout and the resulting feelgood factor that other sports and gym activities do,  nothing could have prepared me for the depth of my experience in Lizs classes.   From the very first class I took with Liz, I was hooked.  Her insight and wisdom is beyond her years and the level of instruction and delivery of all aspects of the practice from asana, pranayama, meditation and application of yoga philosophy to her classes is truly inspiring and profoundly life-changing.  I can not recommend her classes highly enough.  You will not be disappointed.


Although a relatively young teacher – Liz Richards is one of the most inspiring and gifted yoga instructors I have come across in the many years I have been both practicing and teaching. She is a beautiful, brave and strong yoga warrior.  From the moment you are in her company as her student or as a fellow practitioner,  she exudes an energy of warmth & compassion.  While she is teaching you are left in no doubt that she is right where she is meant to be and when she is practicing, the energy within her is palpable. Her yoga classes leave a powerful & transformative impression on the mind, body and soul and are obviously hugely popular which is reflected in the number of students she is successfully managing.   Despite her warmth and infectious enthusiasm, there is a reflection of an endearing humility and shyness which is at the centre of her personality.   I cannot recommend her classes highly enough. If you are searching for authentic Hatha Yoga with no frills, taught in a clear and structured manner in a beautiful space then look no further!


Liz’s teaching flows from her heart.  She has a natural and intuitive understanding of the subject of yoga and her teaching is based on deep exploration through a disciplined self practice and excellent training. She conducts her classes with compassion and grace. I have visited many yoga classes in many countries throughout the world and I have found Liz’s classes to be among the most inspiring and informative of them all.

Thank you Liz
This evening finds me nicely relaxed yet alert after a challenging
detoxing session this morning at Ananta, including plenty of twists to
help the detoxing process. Thanks a million Liz!


After sustaining a number of various injuries, my Physio suggest that
I try Yoga. I was not too sure about Yoga but after a couple of phone
calls to Liz I plucked up the courage to attend one of the beginners
classes on a Tuesday night.
My first surprise was that there was nearly as many men there as
My second surprise was how great the workout was and the great feeling
Now I regularly attend the classes.
I have experienced no injuries since I took up yoga and I would highly
recommend Liz at The Ananta Yoga Studio.


I have been attending classes with Liz for almost a year now, Liz
brings such depth to every aspect of yoga taught. Classes are given
with such integrity, anatomical understanding, care and genuine
interest in the individual. Liz is the most inspiring teacher I have
ever had the pleasure to enjoy yoga with. The studio is a credit to
Liz, a beautiful environment to enjoy and share the love of yoga.

I started yoga in Ananta Yoga Studio last July. It has made an enormous difference to my life, thanks to Liz’s teaching style, and the relaxed, safe atmosphere. When I’m driving down the N11 in the course of my work, I often feel like taking a quick break for more yoga at the studio – just passing the studio makes me feel calm!

Hi Liz,
I have tried all your classes from beginners to advanced level and it is really worth coming to your classes, because you explain how to do the poses very well. You have peaceful and loving energy around you and the best yoga teacher I have met so far. Thank you.

Much to my surprise I was hooked after my first class! Liz explains everything really clearly, has a real understanding of anatomy and modifies poses to suit  everyone. My physio suggested I try yoga to help a long-term running injury. So along I went thinking ‘yoga shmoga’ – lots of meditation and slow stretches. How wrong I was. While it did start with a little meditation and deep somatic stretches, which much to my surprise I enjoyed, it gradually moved up a few gears and I got a really good workout too.
~ Valerie

I have been going to Liz’s yoga classes for over two years now and really enjoy my weekly yoga fix. I have progressed from beginners to advanced classes and find the classes fantastic, both for the physical workout and mental de-stress. Liz is a wonderful teacher and the studio is a very welcoming and tranquil. Thanks Liz.

~ Mary Rose

Hello Liz

I attended some of your yoga classes in Wicklow during the Summer. I really got great value from them and felt terrific after each class.

Will definitely be making it a part of my life over the Winter and will be back to you next Summer.
~ Pauline, Wicklow

HI Liz,

This is Leah who was running to Pilates after your Vinyasa 1-2 class
today. September 17th
I did not get the chance to complement you on your teaching.
Because you are doing just that; teaching!
Your cueing is very good and the level of confidence which you carry in the room keeps the class moving along while creating a very safe environment.
The class developed nicely and I appreciated the time to notice the
subtle effect of each pose.
Your energy as a teacher is special and I’m glad I found you on my travels through Ireland.

Feel free to look me up if you ever pass through Miami! I’ll do my best to send you in the right direction.
Thanks again,

If you are a present or past pupil and would like to leave a testimonial we would be delighted!


    Aisling Conn Avatar Aisling Conn
    April 29, 2018

    VINYASA KRAMA YOGA WEEKEND WORKSHOP Huge thanks to Liz and Louise for organizing the enlightening and healing teachings with Stephen Brandon this weekend. And a personal thanks to Liz for kindly helping me feel comfortable so I could safely manage my physical boundaries and abilities � I will be back!

    Michelle Gupta Avatar Michelle Gupta
    April 29, 2018

    Abigail O'Brien Avatar Abigail O'Brien
    March 26, 2018