Somatic Movement Wicklow

Somatic Movement Classes with Freada McGoldrick


The purpose of Somatic Movement is to re-educate your body to move freely & painlessly. Movement in these classes is slow and mindful and done comfortably on the floor. In fact, Somatics has been described as ‘Tai-Chi’on the floor. You learn to release and let go of tight and painful muscles.

You experience flexibility and freedom and a profound sense of relaxation. Somatics is suitable for people with:

  • Accumulated and habitual pain and tension in shoulders, neck, back, hips
  • Scoliosis and those who wish to improve Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Athletic performance
  • Those who simply wish to maintain a healthy body

Benefits of Somatics

The benefits of Somatics are best described people who have attended the classes:

“For me Somatics means setting your body and mind free as one system. Before doing Somatics I had lower back pain and pain between my shoulder leaves and it was difficult just to sit straight up. My energy was hard to maintain, but just after doing the first exercises my muscles started to lengthen and relax. Since then by doing the Somatics each day there has been an improvement and each day I learn and become aware of new movements and responses. I feel like being 20 years again and have this sense of moving freely, being centered, energised, resourceful, balanced, being calm. Actually I enjoy the way my body moves and in my experience my body and mind has become more intelligent, which also for me has sharpened my senses”.

~ Lars Pilgaard, Denmark

“Within 2 weeks of attending your “Somatics” classes, I could not believe the transformation that I was experiencing. I have suffered from a bad back for over 20 years. During this time, I became increasingly stiffer and less mobile. My mobility was so restricted that I had not been able to tie my laces in years. Then I started on your courses: within two weeks, I tied my laces (without thinking about it); I was able to get out of bed without rolling. Most importantly, my body is much more relaxed and I do not feel in pain anymore. I have taken up exercise – I am now starting to jog! Due to this newly acquired relaxation, my mind and my whole body feels in a much better place. Thank you so much for making such a dramatic change to me, in such a short while”.

~ Liam Lynam

“When I first came to Freada’s class, the muscles in my shoulders and neck were very tight and often sore, possibly from sitting at a desk for long stretches. I notice different changes each week during the class and at times am somewhat amazed at the way the subtlest of movements can free my neck and shoulders and give me a deep sense of relaxation in my body.

While I confess I don’t practice the class movements every day, I am definitely more mindful of my day to day movements so that I can help myself in this way.

Attending the class once at week sets me up to be completely relaxed and pain free for the following three days and I have no doubt that when I start attending the class twice a week that it will set me up for the full week ahead.

I’ve also noticed that when I used to horse ride at the weekends I suffered with aches and pains afterwards. This doesn’t happen any more. I’m not actually sure what happens and why I feel so good after the class but I do know that I hate when I miss one and really look forward to the benefits of the next class when I do”.

A letter from a satisfied customer!

I broke my back in a couple of places in 1999 and since then I have suffered with constant chronic back pain. I have been limited in what I can do, how far I can walk, how long I can sit, virtually every aspect of my life has been restricted by pain, or knowing that if I do something it will make the pain even worse. When I did something physical like kayaking or cycling, I would be in bits for days, even weeks afterwards.

“A couple of months ago a friend recommended that I try the Somatic Movement Class with Freada. Having tried other ways to manage the pain, without much success. I decided to give it a go. From the first session I felt the benefit, I am now able to do so much more and am pain free for a lot of the time. Every day I do the movement routine set by Freada. If I miss doing them the pain will return after a couple of days but never as bad as it used to be. I highly recommend Freadas approach to anybody who suffers with chronic pain; Since starting her classes I have sat through a rugby match and been to a concert where I had to stand for a couple of hours and had no pain. I could not have done this before doing the movements”.

Robert Thomas, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

“I have been attending Somatics with Freada and have found it very beneficial for a few reasons. One, I used to have lower back pain and the movements were the only thing that would give me relief. The pain has not returned as badly as it was but when I feel any twinge I immediately do the movements and the pain goes away.Two, Freada’s class is like a meditation, where not only my body relaxes but my thinking mind goes quiet also. In times of stress this has been very beneficial and the benefits go beyond the therapy room…And three, attending class reminds me that a healthy body and a healthy mind are most important and where everything else in my life begins. Freada is a natural healer and she uses her healing in her touch and in her words at Somatics classes”.

~ Mairead Hennessy.

“Freada is a natural and talented Somatic Movement Educator. Her movement classes have a certain ease, grace and clarity.

She has profound and broad insights in understanding the human soma on many different levels. I highly recommend her as a competent presenter in this work.”

~ Brian Siddhartha Ingle ND, DO.

Founder and Director of the International Institute for Somatic Movement Education.