Restorative Vision & Biodynamic Osteopathy Workshop with Brian Siddhartha Ingle 8-9 July

Restorative Vision & Biodynamic Osteopathy Workshop with Brian Siddhartha Ingle

JUL 8 AT 10 AM – JUL 9 AT 4:30 PM 2023

We are delighted to welcome Brian Siddhartha Ingle back to The Ananta Yoga Studios! Brian has been a frequent & popular visiting teacher to our studios for many years & will return this summer to deliver a two day in person workshop which is open to all.
Full details can be found below. Limited spaces & early booking is advised!

Venue – Ananta Yoga & Ayurveda, 5, Wentworth Place, Wicklow Town, Ireland
Dates – Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2023
Times – 10.00am – 4.30pm each day (Lunch break from 12.30pm – 2.00pm)
Workshop Fee – €325
Bookings – Please register your interest/send booking request for this workshop to Liz Richards at
Payment information will be given upon confirmation of place availability following your enquiry/booking request.
Accommodation – If you require accommodation locally for the weekend of the workshop, we will be happy to give recommendations/suggestions.

This workshop is designed to help participants experience the profound effects of somatic movement and biodynamic osteopathy in the cranial field. Over the course of two days, we will explore specific somatic movement lessons focused on vision and the use of the eyes to bring the central nervous system into a state of deep rest. By using simple movement practices, we can create a sense of ease and relaxation in the body, which can lead to greater clarity and focus in our vision.

In addition to the somatic movement explorations, there will be an introduction to biodynamic osteopathy in the cranial field. This hands-on laboratory will allow participants to experience and learn about the principles of biodynamic osteopathy, which involves gentle, non-invasive listening touch to support the body’s natural healing process. This approach recognises the body’s inherent capacity for self-regulation and encourages the release of physical and emotional tension.

We will also engage in healing circles based on somatic internal family systems. This practice acknowledges the interconnectedness of the mind and body, and the impact that our internal relationships and beliefs can have on our physical health. Through these circles, participants can explore and release patterns of tension and restriction, and cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness and compassion.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the ways in which somatic movement and biodynamic osteopathy can support their overall health and well-being. They will have learned techniques and practices that they can incorporate into their daily lives to promote greater relaxation, ease, and clarity. Additionally, participants will have engaged in a supportive and healing community, and will have gained a greater appreciation for the importance of self-care and self-awareness.
Brian Siddhartha Ingle N.D., D.O.
Osteopath, Naturopath, Hanna Somatic Educator, Feldenkrais Teacher.
The Ingle Institute for Somatic Education (IISE)

Brian Siddhartha Ingle, ND, DO, is a licensed doctor of osteopathic medicine registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra). He is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator®, somatic yoga teacher, practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® and an Aqua Bodywork. He has recently completed trainings in Somatic Internal Family Systems a therapeutic approach that combines somatic awareness and the Internal Family Systems model to explore and integrate the different parts of oneself, allowing individuals to heal from past traumas and improve their overall well-being. Brian is the co-founder of Living Somatics and serves as the educational director of the Ingle Institute for Somatic Education.

Brian is a graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training. He is also a faculty member of the Shift Network and hosts the online Somatic Movement Summit, a collaboration between Living Somatics and The Shift Network.
For more than 35 years, Brian has been inquiring into authentic systems of self-healing, movement, and personal/spiritual development. He has a background in Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic astrology and has been based in India since 1995.

“After reaching the still point in today’s deeply relaxing session, my experience is expansive; I feel taller, lighter and softer than before. The urgency I have often felt is absent. My center feels alive, relaxed and resilient. I take pleasure in simply looking around the room. All is as it should be, just as it is.”
It’s been with me all along…but now I see…
Such gratitude! Margo Moulin

“For me today’s lesson has been profoundly relaxing (it’s such a long time since I have felt as relaxed) and along with this amazing relaxed state was a wonderful awareness of the eyes being connected to movement. I could really feel the strong pull by the right eye when turning to the left and vice versa when one of you spoke of this after the class. Thank you for sharing this and thank you so very much Brian for creating these intriguing ways to guide us to discover these invaluable ways to heal the tricky parts of ourselves. These lessons feel so miraculous in the way that they can release the body like a reset button. I have had difficulty sleeping for several years and just in the last couple of weeks sleeping has become easy – just float the eyes – it really works for me – thank you so much for this too, it’s such a godsend.”