Louise Curran - Teacher Profile

Louise’s introduction to yoga came at a young age with yoginis Mum and older sister in the home. During her early working life she went to classes in local gyms and really only felt the physical benefits of yoga. It wasn’t until the move to Ireland in 2008 that she began to explore yoga inside the body and became aware of and experienced the connection of mind and body through the breath.

To continue this exploration, in 2013 she embarked on a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Programme at The Ananta Yoga Studios led by David Curtis of Vinyasa Yoga Dublin. David’s approach to teacher training encourages the cultivation of a regular, established self-practice and an honest path of self-discovery before taking this personal wisdom &  experience and sharing it with others.  Louise is extremely grateful for David’s wisdom and guidance.

Louise began teaching beginners Hatha Yoga through the Vinyasa system at The Ananta Yoga Studios under the guidance of Liz Richards towards the end of her two year training. Now fully qualified, Louise continues to teach at Ananta and has added more classes to her schedule. She is grateful for the opportunity to teach and the consistent encouragement and support that Liz  has provided since Louise’s first class at The Ananta Yoga Studios. Louise has assisted David and Ruth Curtis on their 200 hour teacher training course at The Ananta Yoga Studios.

In 2016 Louise began studying the Vinyasa Krama system with Sri Srivatsa Ramaswami who is a faithful disciple of  the legendary Krishnamacharya.  Ramaswami commenced studies with Krishnamacharya  at 15 years of age and continued to learn from his Guru until Krishnamacharya’s passing 35 years later.   In 2017 Louise began studies with Stephen Brandon who is a senior student of Srivatsa Ramaswami.  From these wonderful teachings, Louise has completed a 100 hour Advanced Teacher Training course with Srivatsa Ramaswami (Germany 2016, Chennai and  Wicklow 2018) and a 95 hour Comprehensive Training course with Stephen (UK & Ireland 2017-2018).  She continues to attend trainings with Srivatsa Ramaswami and Stephen Brandon – including a 300 hour Practitioner and Teacher Training course at The Ananta Yoga Studios. These teachings give Louise the knowledge to apply in her own practice and teaching – to the classical Yoga practices that can sometimes be missing in today’s modern yoga. Louise is currently studying Ayurveda (the ancient science of health and well-being) as part of an application of Yoga as a therapy.

Also in 2017 Louise completed a Yoga Alliance certified Chair Yoga course with Yoga Vista Academy which has provided more knowledge about suitable poses and movement for a limited or aging body. In addition she attends regular Chair Yoga workshops with the Irish Yoga Association, Yoga Therapy Ireland and most recently, completed Claire Osborne’s Foundation Chair Yoga Course in July 2018.  She often meets with fellow Chair Yoga teachers to share ideas and experiences and to have a ready list of teachers for the growing interest in Chair Yoga. Louise is passionate about teaching Yoga to those with limited mobility to provide them with the benefits too of Yoga. These students are the most profound teachers of resilience and empowerment.

In addition, Louise has attended Brian Siddhartha Ingle’s Somatics courses  at The Ananta Yoga Studios.  She has also completed Yoga Therapy Ireland’s Yoga for Sports course. She continues to attend relevant workshops and training to enhance and further her learning.

Louise has also completed her certification in Yoga Ed’s Professional Institute 1 Foundations -Teaching Children’s Yoga and also  Professional Institute 2 Building Blocks -Teaching Teen Yoga.  She teaches a variety of Teenage Yoga classes both at schools and specialised clubs.

Louise’s other loves are her husband, family, friends and her dog who loves to take them walking.

Classes with Louise at The Ananta Yoga Studios

Contact Louise – (087)  6032202