Mindfulness and Meditation Classes Wicklow

Exploring Mindfulness - with Freada McGoldrick

​One Day Programmes and Four/ six week courses in Mindful Living. Please contact Freada McGoldrick for information re next course dates – Tel: (087) 2186209 / Email: freadamcgoldrick@gmail.com

Exploring Mindfulness – 

“We can’t change the waves, but we can learn to surf them”
Jon Kabat Zinn founder of “The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme.

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular.  From the recommendations of health professionals, to the boardroom and our school system, Mindfulness is now evidence based and shown to bring calm, focus and ease into our lives.
Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve our overall mental, physical and emotional health. We step out of living on automatic pilot, we increase our sense of inner peace and press pause on a racing mind.

About the classes & programmes:
These one day courses and four/six week programmes are highly practical and specially designed for you to incorporate
Mindfulness into your daily life straight away.  Each week is carefully structured to build on the previous one and include –

  • Practical techniques for you to self-calm during anxious or stressful
  • Gentle meditations that you can incorporate into your day
  • The means to help you stop living on automatic pilot
  • Practices to help:
    o Ease a racing mind
    o Reduce stress and anxiety
    o Regulate emotions
    o Communicate mindfully
    o Enhance your health

People find this programme interesting and are often surprised by what they learn and how they improve their relationships with themselves.  And of course we have some fun along the way!

This programme is run by Freada McGoldrick, a fully qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher.