Additional classes for KIDS and TEENS at The Ananta Yoga Studios in 2016

Additional classes for KIDS and TEENS at Ananta Yoga Studios in 2016

Following the successful launch of our Kids and Teens Yoga classes at Ananta Yoga Studios in 2015, and in response to your feedback, we are delighted to announce the addition of 3 classes to our Yoga for Kids and Teens scheduled. 


On Thursdays, we are offering our older Teens (16-19 years) a class which is very similar to our adult classes.  As Teens grow older, the stresses of exams and life in general can at times become quite overwhelming.  This class gives these Teens an opportunity to be calm, stay calm and take it with them for the week.   It also gives Teens time to explore yoga and its many benefits together with their peers.


Our Friday classes continue as normal and we look forward to seeing our students again and welcoming some new students too.  Our Kids class for 8-12 year olds has an earlier start time of 4pm to allow a full hour of Yoga.


On Saturday mornings, we start Yoga classes for our little Kids. Early introduction to the many positives of practising yoga include; enhanced physical flexibility & strength, refines balance and co-ordination, while developing focus and concentration, boosting self esteem and confidence. As with all our Kids and Teens classes, this is taught through creative play, breathing exercises, yoga postures and relaxation in a fun filled environment..


And our pre-Teens Yoga classes for Physical Disabilities are on-going and we are always keen to see more Children and parents/guardians join our 2 groups.


The full Kids and Teens schedule is now as follows:

Thursdays           5 pm – 6 pm                           Teens Yoga (16-19 yrs)     

Fridays                 4 pm – 5 pm                           Kids Yoga (8-12 yrs)           

                              5.15 pm – 6.15 pm                Teens Yoga (13 yrs & up)                

Saturdays            9.45 am – 10.30 am              Kids Yoga (4-5 yrs) 

                              10.45 am – 11.30 am            Kids Yoga (6-7 yrs) 

Children with Physical Disabilities *

            11.50 am – 12.35 am            Kids Yoga  (4-8 yrs)

floor based postures

                              12.50 am – 13.35 am            Kids Yoga (8-12 yrs)

floor based & standing postures

Please contact Louise (0876032202) or Maxine Bonus (086 8052486).  See for full class schedule