Somatic Yoga with Vanessa Peare from 5th September

Somatic Yoga with Vanessa Peare


From Monday 5th September

10am – 11.30am

Vanessa fuses her knowledge and understanding of Vinyasa yoga and Somatic Education to create a class which incorporates the slow and gentle movements of somatics, and the slightly more challenging aspects of the practice of classical yoga – moving practitioners into a deep sense of exploring the self. The somatic principles are held throughout the class keeping a focus on awareness of both internal release and internal strength.

Her classes are gently paced, well planned courses running in blocks of 4/6 consecutive classes which starts at the very beginning. Students learn how to align, open and strengthen the body gradually while stabilizing the platforms of the feet and ankles, hips and pelvis and shoulder girdle. Vanessa’s classes marry together Somatic Movement lessons and the step by step approach of the Vinyasa Yoga system in a well rounded class with a strong emphasis on sensing the body and tapping into a deeper place of self-awareness through mindful movement.

Suitable for those with little or no yoga experience, who are recovering from illness or injury (consult your GP first), post-natal Mums (must have had 6 week check following normal delivery or 12 weeks check following Caesarean Section) – also suitable for practitioners who simply prefer a more gently paced class.

All Somatic Yoga Classes with Vanessa Peare are open to both male and female students from 16 years of age. Separate teen classes cater for those aged 13 and upwards. 

Booking essential – please contact Vanessa Peare  – 086 8982559