New! – Mindful Movement & Meditation Class with Freada McGoldrick

A brand new class! – Mindful Movement & Meditation with Freada McGoldrick at The Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow on Wednesday evenings 7.45 – 9.00pm

This unique class combines the wonderful gentle, healing and mindful work of Somatic Movement with Meditation practices to bring each student towards a new found sense of freedom and ease both physically and mentally.

Until accumulated and learned habitual tension, pain and patterns can be eased or released from the body, it is very difficult to begin to enter meditative states as the mind will be constantly distracted by physical discomfort and the spine which needs to be free and straight during meditation will often be obstructed by the restrictions and blockages in the limbs.  There is increasing evidence to suggest that slow and mindful movement is enormously beneficial on many levels.

Somatic Movement is a slow mindful movement designed to help you gently unwind and remember how to move with awareness and sensitivity. It is in this new found state of internal awareness and ease that Meditation practice becomes easier and can begin to foster and improve over all general health and well-being.

About Freada-

Freada McGoldrick has been practicing the art of mindful living in her daily life for 18 years.

She began studying energy medicine in the 1990’s and qualified as a homeopath with the Irish School of Homeopathy. She went on to qualify as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP)and after intensive practice she became one of the first female trainers of the soma-semantic MythoSelf® Process model, designed by Dr Joseph Riggio.This further led to studies in mindfulness and Thomas Hanna Somatic Movement.

Freada brings a wealth of experience and joy to her work, she uses a unique approach that is grounded and practical yet esoteric in nature.

After attending her ‘Taming the Monkey Mind’ – Mindfulness classes her client’s say they gain the ability to be physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced and to focus on what really matters in life. During her “Myth of Aging, Somatic Movement classes clients experience what it is like to be relaxed and without pain after relearning how to move on a daily basis in a way that is flexible and pain free.

Regardless of which class people attend they enjoy her gentleness, good humour and her patience and experience profound changes in their lives working with her. Freada believes we are all ‘unique’ human beings, on a journey.

Each of us has a deep reservoir of inner peace and vitality that is available to us at any time, once we learn ‘how’ to access it. We access it with mindfulness. Ultimately, inner peace brings a wealth of joy and happiness. It allows us to be ‘vital’ and in the moment and brings acceptance, calm and appropriate action or even non-action, and then your life just flows.

Bringing together traditions from East and West, meticulous research over the past twenty years, and what works for her clients, Freada has created her own highly successful models, which she calls, “The Four Principles of Inner Peace” and “Taming the Monkey Mind.”

She has worked and trained in Ireland, UK, India, Sweden, and USA.
Bookings are being taken now for Freadas new class which she has carefully developed and is based on many years of research and experience. This class is suitable for everybody!
Please contact Freada McGoldrick:

Phone or email: 087 2186209 or for further information.