Yoga for Kids and Pre-Teens with Physical Disabilities.


We are delighted to have commenced Yoga classes at The Ananta Yoga Studios for children and pre-teens with physical disabilities which have been running successfully since April 2015. In these classes we work primarily with children from as young as four with Cerebral Palsy but we would love to hear from anyone who feels their child might benefit from and enjoy our classes.

These classes are run on Saturdays by a group of four instructors – Louise, Maxine, Lisa and Vanessa who work on a rota basis. All four instructors have successfully completed the Yoga Alliance Certified Intensive Yoga Ed Professional Institute Kids Teacher Training Programme, Louise and Maxine have also completed the Yoga Ed Professional Institute Teens Yoga Teacher Training Programme and Maxine has trained in teaching yoga to children with additional needs including ASD, ADD/ADHD, DCD, CP, Down Syndrome, SPD and children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. The classes have been carefully planned and formatted under the guidance and with the support of a fully qualified Physiotherapist who works with children and teens with Cerebral Palsy every day and adhere also to the principles of the Yoga Ed system. They are a relaxed and fun affair for all!

We are hugely impressed by the progress these dedicated students have made in such a short time and are in no doubt that yoga is a very valuable tool for all children and teens. The Mums and Dads who attend with their children also enjoy the classes! The class on Saturdays caters for the different needs and abilities of the children and pre- teens (4 to 12 years). The class runs from 12 noon to 12.45. We ask that you arrive a few minutes earlier so we are ready on our mats for 12 noon. The class takes students through floor based postures and standing postures – which can be done with props and modifications to cater for individual needs.

As mentioned above, parents of the students attending these classes are very welcome to stay and take part, especially if children need assistance for some posture work, but are equally welcome to take some time for themselves and enjoy a coffee in nearby shops and cafes while the children have their classes.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL – It is not possible to attend without making contact with us first.

IMPORTANT – If your child is attending our class for the first time we will need you to bring a letter from your physiotherapist confirming that yoga will be of benefit to your child and outlining any areas of particular concern or postures/movement which may be contra-indicated by your childs current situation.

Please contact us if you feel your child would benefit from these classes. We would love to hear from you!

All enquiries/bookings to either Liz Richards 086 8963425 or Louise Curran 087 6032202.

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See below for full teacher profiles for Instructors for these classes

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