Early Morning Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Wicklow Town


Our Early Morning Vinyasa Yoga class is now on WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY mornings at the same time as before – 7am to 8am.

Join Louise Curran for a Mixed Level Yoga class

COST – €10 Drop In or €9 for second/third class with any Ananta Teacher in that week

BOOKING ESSENTIAL – Call/Text Louise 087 6032202
All welcome! Bookings to Louise as classes only go ahead with minimum numbers.

Join Louise Curran for a Mixed Level Yoga class from 7am to 8am on Wednesdays & Fridays! This is a gentle but energising class to tune in and reconnect to our just awoken bodies. The practice will leave us feeling ready both mentally and physically for whatever the rest of the day will bring. Let’s make the most of the beauty and quiet calm of an early morning allowing it to linger within us for as long as possible.