James Higgins at The Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow – 29th & 30th October!

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Strength, Grace, and Love

Two morning Workshops with James Higgins


At – The Ananta Yoga Studios, 5, Wentworth Place, Wicklow

On – Saturday 29th October &
Sunday 30th October

Times – 10.00am – 1.00pm each morning

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Cost – €45 – 1 Session
€80 – 2 Sessions


Bookings/Enquiries –
Call/Text Liz 086 8963425
Email – anantawicklow@gmail.com


We are delighted to welcome James Higgins to The Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow for the first time this October. James needs little introduction as he is an extremely well known and experienced Hatha Vinyasa teacher worldwide and has many dedicated students in Ireland. These workshops are already filling up really quickly as word has spread of his impending visit to our studios in Wicklow Town! Dont delay in booking if you would like one of the few remaining spaces!

These workshop classes will follow a series of practices designed to align the participants physical, mental, emotional and spiritual centers to their optimal wellness.

Through informed asana instruction, guided meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, and set periods of restorative rest and integration the student will have ample time to clarify their farthest reaching positive intentions.

The periods of meditative rest will assist in taking the necessary time to absorb and assimilate the deep work they are doing on a soul level.

The practice periods are specifically created for personal development and healing by further establishing an authentic connection to their unique and personal source of inspiration and wholeness.

Finding and discovering dormant resources of our inherent goodness through the gift of grace will lead the way through any resistances that could possibly arise.

Softening further into love, care, and kindness as the foundations of our spiritual work as yogi’s will be instilled throughout the weekend. The two classes will compliment one another for those looking for a weekend reset and mini retreat in the midst of their everyday lives.


James Higgins is a leading instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was teachers director for Yoga Works in 2009. He is now entering twenty years of teaching and travels internationally offering a unique, appealing and challenging style of meditative Hatha Vinyasa practice. Interweaving his long-term dedicated studies of spirituality and yoga with his vipassana meditation experience, he leads his classes with a strong emphasis on the integration of physical, mental and emotional wellness. Each practice holds the intention for peaceful healing, personal evolution, and
a deeper understanding of the heart. Using Buddhist wisdom, spiritual insight, personal develpment and conscious leadership he composes a journey that enables his students to experience the very best of themselves in body, mind and spirit.