Level 1 – Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition Course with Dr Rajvinder Kaur – 9th March

Level 1 – Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition Course with Dr Rajvinder Kaur


*** Vouchers can be purchased for Cookery Courses and Consultations***

At – The Ecology Centre, An Tairseach, Bayview, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow, Ireland

On – Saturday 9th March 2019

Time – 11am – 4.00pm

Cost – €90

Bookings – Booking is essential!
Call/Text – Louise Curran on 087 603 2202 
Email: louiseyoga12@gmail.com

Following on from Dr Rajvinder Kaur’s Introduction to Ayurveda talk in April, her on-going consultations at The Ananta Yoga Studios and her two initial Cookery Course 1, Rajvinder will be repeating her very popular Cookery Course 1 in Wicklow Town in March. This is a way of putting her guidance into practice and learning how to cook with tasty spices that will feed good digestion. 

Cookery Course 2 will follow in April.

Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to have attended the introductory talk to take part as there will be lots of information about Ayurveda on the day – as well as a tasty meal to enjoy together in the lovely surrounds of Wicklow Town’s Ecology Centre.

Louise Curran, who is organising the event, has done Rajvinder’s course in Dublin and says it is well worth it for the information, take home notes, recipes and tasty food and chai on the day.

Food plays an important role in our health and fitness. According to Ayurveda (knowledge of Life), cooking is not just about palatable food and flavourful dishes, rather it is the key to continuous good health. Ayurveda cooking means preparing food that ensures optimal health of body and mind.

Ayurvedic cooking includes the knowledge and use of herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes etc to maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Ayurvedic principles can be applied to any style of cooking. Herbs and spices like Turmeric, Cumin, Hingu, Fennel have great health giving benefits as well as adding flavour to any dish.

Ayurveda foods are appetising, flavourful and aromatic and offer healing and good health when served in an inspiring atmosphere.
Ayurveda foods help to clean the accumulated toxins (which are a result of improperly digested food) and rejuvenate the body as each dish is cooked and spiced to achieve maximum digestibility.

Every individual has a unique body constitution (Dosha) and needs different foods to maintain overall health. For example, Vata is a cold dry dosha, hence person with Vata as predominant dosha need warm, nourishing foods, while the Pitta person requires cooling effect food to balance his/her fire element. Ayurvedic cooking also takes into account the effect of cooking method on the quality of the foods, the feelings of the cook and of the vibrations of surrounding
atmosphere, the compatibility of foods, the time of cooking and eating, the cycle of the seasons.

Ayurveda considered food as a stimulant to a higher consciousness.
Thus, Ayurvedic cooking is both an art and a science. Food properly cooked and consumed works as a great medicine and helps one to lead a long, energetic and healthy life. Ayurveda cooking is not difficult, with a little knowledge you can cook an Ayurvedic meal with the help of commonly available ingredients. Pulses, grains, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits, ghee, and milk products play major role in Ayurvedic cooking. A balanced Ayurvedic diet should include all
six tastes in a meal – sweet, salty, sour, astringent, bitter, and pungent.

Dr Rajvinder Kaur has a six year degree in Ayurveda from the “Kurukshetra” Ayurvedic College and also has a diploma in Naturopathy. She has a wealth of experience in the preparation of
Ayurvedic meals and is an accomplished teacher. Ayurvedic cooking is not complicated, with a little knowledge you can make healthy delicious meals in a short space of time, so -” let food be your medicine” and join Dr Rajvinder on her next course.