New Mindfulness Course

New Mindfulness Course (Taming the Monkey Mind) with Freada McGoldrick commences next Wednesday evening 27th June 7pm-8.45pm at The Ananta Yoga Studio, The Tap, Ballard Village, Kilbride, Co. Wicklow.

Does your day begin and end on automatic pilot?
Do you ever ask yourself ,”What is my life all about?”.
Would you like to wake up and smell the coffee, but you barely have time to make it?

Are your anxiety and stress levels on the increase and your confidence and self esteem dwindling?

Can you say “no” and mean it without having an international conference inside your head worrying what others may think of you?
Does your mind remind you of being on a hamster wheel- constantly running but not really getting anywhere?…..Phew!

Take a deep breath, slow it down, relax, look around you… and smile!
Everything is ok.

Six week course in Mindful Living – Learn to tame the mind to take control of your life.

CONTACT: Freada McGoldrick 087 2186209 for further details or to book your place on this popular course.