Sinéad Carroll Counsellor & Psychotherapist BSc. Counselling & Psychotherapy, BSc. Phy, M.I.A.C.P

Sinéad’s curious and wondering mind initially led her to a career in Physics, where she wished to understand how things work in the world at large. In time this interest turned to people and a desire to understand what forms us into the people we are, what influences how we behave, think and are in the world, and most importantly how do we bring about change if our experience of being in the world is painful, unhappy or distressing.

Sinéad Carroll

After Sinéad spent some time studying and practising complementary health, where she gained a fundamental understanding of the mind body connection, she found she was more drawn to the spoken element of these practices and so she began a four year degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Sinéad initially graduated as an Integrative Psychotherapist with a BSc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy from PCI College (validated by Middlesex University).

Since graduating Sinéad has worked with many individuals who’s presenting issues include anxiety, depression, grief, life challenges and changes, addiction, low self-esteem as well as all kinds of emotional and behavioural difficulties. She has particular expertise in the areas of trauma, life transitions, attachment and loss. In addition to working in a private setting Sinéad has also worked for many years as an Addiction Counsellor in both a residential and community setting.

In recent years Sinéad has followed a growing interest in involving the body in Psychotherapy, completing further training and workshops in the areas of Somatics and Body Centred Therapy. This is in part due to Sinéad’s lifelong love and practice of dance and movement, through which she explored the relationship of mind and body; what is experienced in the mind is experienced in the body and vice versa.

The body always reveals our innermost life and truth and so the body can be used as an additional therapeutic resource within talk therapy. Sinéad uses an integrative approach, which means she adopts her therapeutic style to the specific needs of the client. She uses movement and body awareness only if it is something that the client wishes to explore or is comfortable with.

Sinéad is available for 1-1 sessions on Fridays in Ananta Yoga & Ayurveda. If you are experiencing any of the above issues,or if you simply have a sense that something in your life is not working for you but you are unsure what this is, then please contact Sinéad to discuss if making an appointment would be beneficial for you.

Sinéad Carroll
Mob: 0877519014