Yoga for Kids and Teens!

Yoga Classes for Kids and Teens at The Ananta Yoga Studio, The Tap, Kilbride, Co. Wicklow.

Commencing this week on Thursday 20th September at The Ananta Yoga Studio, Wicklow we are delighted to be adding to our busy class schedule – Yoga Classes for Kids aged 8-11 years old incl from 3.30pm-4.30pm and Teen Yoga Classes 5pm – 6pm for ages 12 – 16 incl.  at the great price of just €50 for six weeks!

Classes are led by Liz Kavanagh our fully qualified Iyengar Instructor who specialises in yoga classes for kids and teens.

  Introducing yoga to your children and teens at a young age will equip them with valuable coping skills for life as well as keeping their bodies fit, open and flexible, boosting self -esteem and confidence levels and providing them with the skills they need to remain centered and calm when faced with major challenges and changes in their lives.

  Yoga has been proven to significantly reduce stress levels in teens who are facing the pressure of state exams and improve their concentration and mental clarity.

Lizs Kids classes are all about FUN! We learn the Yoga Asanas (postures) in the Iyengar way, but through games, stories, play, drama, art, music, dance…anything goes…as long as it’s fun!

 The emphasis is on gently introducing children to a yoga practice & emphasis is put on themes such as friendship, respect, trust, sharing, working together…all the ways to bring yoga into their daily lives.


    In Lizs Yoga for Teens classes, Iyengar Yoga Asanas are combined with lots of fun and creative activities as the students are introduced gently to a Yoga practice.

The emphasis is placed on encouraging the students to be at ease in their bodies and their minds.

You can expect lots of partner work, group work, music, movement, meditation, dance, art…anything goes…as long as it helps you feel good about being you!

Classes often have themes such as ‘Loving yourself’, ‘Trust’, ‘Gratitude’ & plenty of time is given to talk about whatever is going on with the students.

Booking is essential for both the kids and teen classes.

Please call/text Liz Richards 086 8963425 or Liz Kavanagh 087 9314914 to book your child/teen a space in either of the above classes.

Hope to see you soon!

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