Ayurvedic Cookery & Nutrition Course with Dr Rajvinder Kaur – This Saturday 9th March!

Coming up this weekend 9th March!

Ayurvedic Cookery & Nutrition Course with Dr Rajvinder Kaur

A couple of places available still!


If you are free this Saturday 9th March and are interested in learning how to create sattvic (light), simple & delicious meals using spices & fresh and healthy ingredients then you might enjoy this one day Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition Course with Ayurvedic doctor and consultant Dr Rajvinder Kaur.

Ayurvedic cooking involves learning to use ingredients which are suitable and pacifying for each individuals unique constitution or dosha type so as to achieve balance in all aspects of body and mind health.

When cooking this way the digestive fire or agni remains strong & healthy and optimum and radiant health is maintained.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

The course will be held at –

At – The Ecology Centre, An Tairseach, Bayview, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow, Ireland

On – Saturday 9th March 2019

Time – 11am – 4.00pm

Cost – €90

Bookings – Booking is essential!
Call/Text – Louise Curran on 087 603 2202 
Email: louiseyoga12@gmail.com

Cookery Course 2 will follow in April!

Everyone is welcome! – There will be lots of information about Ayurveda on the day – as well as a tasty meal to enjoy together in the lovely surrounds of Wicklow Town’s Ecology Centre!

Dr Rajvinder Kaur has a six year degree in Ayurveda from the “Kurukshetra” Ayurvedic College and also has a diploma in Naturopathy. She has a wealth of experience in the preparation of Ayurvedic meals and is an accomplished teacher. Ayurvedic cooking is not complicated, with a little knowledge you can make healthy delicious meals in a short space of time, so -” let food be your medicine” and join Dr Rajvinder on her next course.