Bellydance Classes Wicklow

Join Maria Scanlon on Saturday 20th July at The Ananta Yoga Studio, Wicklow for a Free Trial Bellydance class!

For anyone who is interested in trying out a Classical Egyptian Dance ( Bellydance) class, The Ananta Yoga Studio in association with Maria Scanlon is hosting a FREE trial beginners Bellydance class. 

Bellydance is a sacred, healing art form that is suitable for for all women and girls. It is a gentle form of excercise with many benefits including, increased flexibility, the alleviation of lower back pain and associated referred pain and tightness in other areas of the body, reduction of syptoms of PMT, anxiety, depression and stress.  It tones and strengthens all major muscle groups and can assist an easier child birth.

Bellydance is a fun way to get fit to beautiful music and upbeat rhythms!

If you are interested in joining Maria on Saturday 20th from 2.00pm – 3.00pm please call/text   085 1257429 to book your space.