“Time For Busy Women” – A one day workshop with Ashleigh Tobin at The Ananta Yoga Studio.

Join Ashleigh Tobin on November 10th 2012 for her popular “Time for Busy Women” workshop at The Ananta Yoga Studio, The Tap, Kilbride, Co. Wicklow



Your Invitation…

To take some time, just for you;


To look after your health,

Your emotional wellbeing     

And to consider what you really want in life…


These days, our lives are jam packed and busy. And whether we like it or not, it’s often Mum who keeps the whole show on the road in terms of ensuring that the family schedule runs smoothly. The downside of this can mean that Mum’s own health gets shoved to the bottom of the ‘To Do’ list on a regular basis. Take a look at these scenarios and see if they seem familiar… 


Do you ever?


* Wonder why you don’t make the time to look after yourself and your health properly before there’s a crisis?


* Ignore symptoms of ill health in your body in the hope they will ‘just go away’; even though you know that it’s just not a useful thing to do?


* Wish you could finally get to grips with your unhealthy eating patterns and lack of will to exercise?


* Tell yourself that you could easily give up that glass of wine every night but somehow never do?


* Start an exercise programme and give up on it within a very short while?


* Promise yourself, yet again, that you will slow down and spend more time doing what’s really important to you? And yet, it never seems to happen…



Learn how you can:


Stop putting up with your own excuses 

And begin living a life that makes your heart sing …




A One Day Workshop at


The Ananta Yoga Studio

The Tap, Kilbride, Co. Wicklow

Saturday 10th November

10am –  5pm

Cost – €150 (Early booking fee -€125 if paid in full before Monday 5th November)

Lunch and light refreshments included!


Call Ashleigh on 087 / 7465882 to find out more



About Ashleigh

With many years experience in senior management for a major pharmaceutical company, Ashleigh understands the demands made of today’s busy woman. In addition to being a professionally qualified nurse and homoeopath, Ashleigh is also a certified Mythoself Facilitator.

She has spent many years studying in the areas of conventional and complementary health, personal development and human learning, looking for what works and bringing this to her interactions with her clients. She also recognises that many women, regardless of their success, can sometimes have a sense that this is not how they want to be living their life… 

They want to live full lives with time for themselves, their family, friends and their health as well as having a sense of deep personal satisfaction that they are living lives that matter to them, and this is what Ashleigh offers to her clients…