A Somatic Movement Workshop for Yoga Lovers with Vanessa Peare – 7th April

A Somatic Movement Workshop for Yoga Lovers

with Vanessa Peare

On – Sunday, April 7th

At – The Ananta Yoga, Studios, 5, Wentworth Place, Wicklow Town

Time – 10am to 12noon

Fee – €25

All are welcome!

Booking essential!
Contact Vanessa 086 8982559

This embodied workshop will work towards releasing the shoulders & hips from restriction.

More specifically we will work to release the shoulder blades so that they can move with ease to facilitate reaching the arm behind the back for poses such as Pristanjali Mudra (Reverse Namaste) and Gomukhasana arms.

The focus on the hips will be to differentiate them from the pelvis to allow for more ease in external and internal rotation.

As always we will move slowly and with awareness, giving the brain and the body time to move together as one functioning unit, to learn something new and to relay neuromuscular pathways.

Vanessa has been practicing Somatic Movement & Yoga since 2012. She has completed a 200 hour Teacher Training David Curtis & has trained extensively in Somatic Movement under the guidance of Brian Siddhartha Ingle – travelling to Russia and Sweden to train in Clinical Somatics over two and a half years.

Since qualifying – Vanessa has been teaching public classes, workshops & working one to one with clinical somatic
students. She has assisted Brian Siddhartha Ingle on his training programs in Ireland
learning from both him and from the trainee students.

Vanessa continues to study & train with Brian Ingle and David Curtis. She loves to share the valuable knowledge & skills she has acquired and make space for people to find a little more freedom and comfort
in their body and mind as they move through life.