Somatics for Sports with Vanessa Peare – 2nd November

Somatics for Sports   – with Vanessa Peare

On – Thursday 2nd November

At – The Ananta Yoga Studios, 5, Wentworth Place, Wicklow Town

Time – 7.00pm -9.00pm

Fee – €25 (including €10 Booking Deposit)

Booking essential – Call/Text Vanessa 086 8982559
No experience necessary.

Do you like to run, hike or walk? Do you suffer from tight ham strings, tight calves, lower back pain and stiffness? Would you like to improve your conscious running and have more awareness around your movement?

This workshop is designed to improve the function of walking and will involve moving slowly to find the connection between the hips and shoulders, to lengthen hamstrings and find the ease in walking that can then be brought into daily life and sporting activity such as running and hiking.

Hanna Somatics improves posture, flexibility and co-ordination therefore increasing athletic ability making movement more efficient and fluid. Somatics is based on neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to change itself. To do this the learning calls for the student to play an active part in the movement using awareness to retrain the brain to lengthen and release contracted muscles that over time, from repetitive habitual movements have tightened and shortened.

The slow and gentle quality of this workshop will enable the brain to differentiate between small movements, increasing sensitivity which ultimately creates changes in the movements through daily life. With clear differentiation only the muscles needed for each action engage therefore these actions, such as walking and running take less effort for the whole soma creating less negative impact.

This workshop is applicable to everyone but also may be of particular interest to runners, walkers and hikers. It may also be of interest to yoga students or those who enjoy an embodied practice and also those who have pain in their hips or shoulders.

Students will leave with a deeper understanding of how their body moves and with movements they can do at home to take their health and physical wellbeing into their own hands. The workshop will be held in the warm, tranquil surrounds of the Ananta Yoga studio in Wicklow town. 

Please wear warm comfortable loose clothing.