Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners – Useful Guidelines

If attending class for the first time, please contact the relevant instructor to book your place and arrange a class level suited to your needs to avoid disappointment.

  •  Always inform your instructor of any medical conditions, injuries or recent serious illness – It is very important to tell us if you are pregnant.
  • Arrive to class 5 minutes early to get parked, set up and comfortable.  It is unfair to fellow students to arrive late and disrupt the important centering and settling in part of the class.
  • Turn off your mobile phone or have it on silent before entering the studio.
  • We ask that every student removes their shoes before entering the studio space and places them in the baskets provided.
  • Please respect the tranquil nature of the studio environment and keep noise levels to a minimum – there may be other classes in progress.
  • Hydrate well before and after class but refrain from drinking if possible during the class.
  • Eat a light but nutritious meal no later than two hours before class.
  • Wear loose, comfortable, stretchy clothing and ensure that bottoms do not cover the feet.
  • If you are feeling unwell – stay at home and rest.

Relax and enjoy!

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