Thursday morning Mindfulness  – A four week course with Freada McGoldrick from 28th September

Thursday morning Mindfulness 

A four week course with Freada McGoldrick

At – The Ananta Yoga Studios, 5, Wentworth Place, Wicklow Town

Commencing – Thursday 28th September – 26th October

Time – 9.30am -10.30am

Cost: €100 – includes short audio meditations & handouts with home practice between classes

Booking essential – 
Contact Freada Mc Goldrick
Mobile 087 2186209. 

This programme is designed for anyone who wants a greater sense of ease in their life. It is also designed for parents of children with mental health difficulties. A subject close to Freada’s heart.

In this four week course – we will explore:

 How to come back into balance when
life around you appears chaotic
 Knowing your stressors and how to
manage them in a more healthy way
 Responding vs. reacting during
emotionally charged situations
 Mindful communication
 Benefits of being in the moment

This programme is run by:
Freada McGoldrick,
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher.
UMass Medical School, Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine
Health Care and Society.

Freada has been practicing Meditation and Mindfulness based approaches for over 20 years. Having experienced the benefits in
her own life and her family life, she began her formal training in Mindfulness in 2010. After extensive training Freada qualified to
teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with The Centre for Mindfulness (CFM) University of Massachusetts, Medical School.

MBSR is highly regarded worldwide as the Gold Standard Programme for stress reduction. Each week builds on the
previous week and Freada continues to adhere to the professional guidelines in accordance with the CFM for good teaching practice, consistently updating her own professional training with a view to delivering excellence to participants on her programmes.

She has also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mythoself®Process, Somatic Movement Education, Mindful Movement.
Freada brings a wealth of experience, gentleness and dedication to her work. She is happy to speak with you about upcoming